Åpent møte: The struggle for Palestine

-the last 62 years illustrated by the history of the al-Walaja village and the nonviolent struggle against the wall

Open meeting at Litteraturhuset, Oslo(Room: Kverneland) Friday 29. of April at 18.00 o’clock

Sheerin attacked with tear gas and arrested  by Israeli soldiers

Sheerin attacked with tear gas and arrested by Israeli soldiers

Sheerin Al-Araj will tell the story of her village and the long nonviolent struggle against the Israeli occupation. Sheerin is an activist and a member of al-Walajeh Village Council. She has been an active part of several movements against the occupation for almost all her life. Confronted by soldiers, tear gas, guns and brutality she has never given up her struggle for a peaceful future. Sheerin will present her view on the role of the international community, other external actors, and what the present challenges are for nonviolent activists in Palestine. Sheerin has over the years worked in local Palestinian groups, International organisations as well as joint Palestinian/Israeli projects.

After her presentation there will be time for comments, questions, and reflections from the audience. Translation to Norwegian will be provided if the audience so want.

The meeting is organised by :
Folkereisning Mot Krig          www.ikkevold.no


Norges Fredsråd         www.norgesfredsrad.no

Recording of the meeting:

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