‘Occupy Wall St.’ civil disobedience continues into the week


Young Americans sick of Wall Street greed are in the fourth day of protesting in New York City.

Demonstrators held signs that read, «Stop the cuts – defend workers rights,» «America: 99% poor, 1% rich,» and «Do you feel it trickle down?»

Some people have camped out since Saturday, when an estimated 5,000 protestors initially gathered around Liberty Plaza in lower Manhattan. Since then, many protestors have left.

But New Yorkers and tourists keep stopping by to offer their support. Organizers claim there are hundreds of protestors there at any given time. The protestors seem to be mostly over-edcuated and under-employed.

«You have a lot of kids graduating college who can’t find jobs,» said Mayor Michael Bloomberg last week ahead of the protests. «That’s what happened in Cairo. That’s what happened in Madrid. You don’t want those kinds of riots here.»

Collin Quinlivan is a finance major. He wants a fair tax code. «Officials in Washington either don’t know how to do their jobs or they’re too specific to their party to actually be progressive to America as a whole,» Quinlivan said.

Others feel Wall Street harms people across the globe.

«It’s not just about whether or not I have a job,» Gaia Weiss told New York’s WABC News. «It’s about the clothes I wear are made by people in third world countries for pennies a day,» Weiss said.

So far the demonstrations have been mostly peaceful, with New York media reporting at least eight arrests by the fourth day.  A website tied to the protests stated organizers refuse to let the gatherings become violent. But, there are some tense moments between demonstrators and police in video clips on the site.

The site also features a live chat, allegedly with people at the demonstrations, and ways for others to donate food and money. On Tuesday afternoon, the site claimed police took away gas for their generator, so protestors were asking for donations of that.

It’s not yet clear if New York police will ramp up its presence if protestors still are there this weekend.

The protest website claims a similar demonstration currently is in the planning stages for Los Angeles.
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‘Occupy Wall St.’ civil disobedience continues into the week.

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