Inspired by Arab Spring, Mauritius Youth Plan Protests

«Stop messing with our future» – these are the words written on the logo of a Facebook group in the Mauritius that is hoping to bring about social and political change in the small island just off of Africa’s southern coast.

Inspired by the Arab uprisings, activists in Mauritius have created a Facebook initiative with the aim of gathering 15,000 of the country’s youth in Port Louis on September 11 to call for political and economic reform.

In just under a week since its launch, more than 10,000 people have joined the Facebook Group in a country with just over 280,000 Facebook users.

A recent series of political scandals seem to have galvanized this non-violent mobilization online.

Earlier in August, the Prime Minister reshuffled his cabinet following the resignation of six ministers who were protesting the arrest of the country’s health minister who is facing corruption charges.

The group’s Manifesto exists in the form of a google document outlining their many requests, including ending political corruption and poverty, and universal access to healthcare and an end to drug trafficking just to name a few.

With the planned protest just two weeks away, the groups Facebook wall is buzzing as activists try to form a unified voice in calling for change.

Inspired by Arab Spring, Mauritius Youth Plan Protests.

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