Protesters isolate Alexandria stock exchange



Hundreds of protesters in Alexandria blocking the Corniche road

Demonstrators outside the Alexandria stock exchange headquarters say they have closed down operations until the revolution’s demands are met.

Earlier this morning, hundreds of demonstrators in Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city, have shut down the local branch of the Egyptian Stock Exchange on Talaat Harb street in the bustling Mahtat El-Ramal downtown district.

Protesters have cordoned off the stock exchange building, posting a sign that reads, “Closed until all revolution demands are met!”

Demonstrators chants included calls for punishing police officers accused of killing and injuring thousands of protesters during the January 25 Revolution against former president Hosni Mubarak. At least 81 people were killed and hundreds others injured in Alexandria alone during that uprising. Protesters today called for a speedy and public trial for the deposed dictator and all symbols of corruption during his 31 years in office.

An official with the stock exchange told Ahram Online that all exchange employees are working as usual despite protests taking place outside the headquarters.

Since late last week, thousands of Alexandrians have joined a nationwide wave of protests expressing resentment toward the failure of the government of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to meet what they see as fundamental demands of the Egyptian revolution.

Protesters in a number of Egyptian cities have begun slowly escalating campaigns of civil disobedience to achieve their goals.

In Cairo, for example, anti-government protesters continue to block all entrances to the massive government administrative building known as the Mogamma as part of a five-day-old occupation of the square.

Protesters in both Cairo and Alexandria are threatening to spread their civil disobedience tactics to more critical public services such as underground metro operations in Cairo as well as national railway services in order to pressure Sharaf’s government to meet their demands.




Protesters isolate Alexandria stock exchange – Politics – Egypt – Ahram Online.

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