Gaza, elections, and Land Day

Palestinians mark Land Day across Israel and the West Bank, politics take center stage in Israel, laid off workers take to the streets, a number of social and political struggles intensify, Gaza struggles to recover from last summer’s devastating war, and Palestinians and Israelis continue popular resistance against the occupation.

A Palestinian rides his horse in Area C in the northern Jordan Valley, West Ban, March 13, 2015. Israeli media recently reported that Israel plans to build another wall on the West Bank border with Jordan. The plan was revealed following the completion of a similar fence on the border with Egypt. Work on the wall is expected to begin in the summer of 2016. 88% of Jordan Valley lands is considered Area C, which is under full Israeli control. There are 27 Israeli settlements in Jordan Valley, which comprises 28% of the West Bank. (photo:

A Palestinian woman throws stones during a protest against the occupation a day before International Women's Day at the  military checkpoint, Qalandiya, West Bank, March 7, 2015. (photo:

Thousands of people participated in a march commemorating Land Day in the village of Deir Hana in northern Israel, March 30, 2015.   Land Day is held every year to mark the deaths of six Palestinians protesters at the hands of Israeli police and troops during mass demonstrations on March 30, 1976, against plans to confiscate Arab land in Galilee. (photo: