Venezuela: Students Continue Demonstrations, Civil Disobedience

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Since yesterday’s riots, student leaders have called on people to continue taking to the streets in protest. Through social media, people have reported different demonstrations in Caracas and other main avenues in the country, to condemn the murder of two students during the riots.

This morning, military tanks were deployed in the streets of the capital, but so far disturbances have been reported only in Caracas — specifically at the Central University of Venezuela in Táchira state.

Yesterday’s marches across the country stemmed from the demand for the release of four students who were arrested last week for participating in demonstrations. They ended in violent clashes between the police and armed groups, with more than 30 people injured, three deaths, and dozens of students arrested.

During these incidents, President Nicolás Maduro ordered that going forward, security forces will prohibit any demonstration or protest with no explicit government permission.

Venezuela: Students Continue Demonstrations, Civil Disobedience.

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