‘Save AP’ meet calls for non-violent struggle

Speakers, who attended the ‘Save AP’ meeting held here on Friday, called upon the people to lead the Samaikyandhra movement in a non-violent method following the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi.

APNGOs Assocation organised the meeting in which leaders from various government employees’ unions and others participated.

The speakers demanded the resignations of Union ministers, MPs, state ministers and MLAs from Seemandhra region to exert pressure on the Centre to keep the state united.

Noted lawyer and united state supporter, Jandhyala Ravisankar alleged that politicians were deceiving the people on the state bifurcation issue.

He explained that no chief minister or prime minister has so far not dared to divide the state.

Ravisankar alleged that some Hindi- speaking North Indian leaders had conspired to divide the Telugu community and asked public to bring pressure on the ministers and legislators to quit and thus cause the collapse of the UPA government which automatically would stall the Telangana process.

Visalandhra Maha Sabha president N Chakravarthi  said that Telugu people had developed Hyderabad since the days of Quli Qutub Shah to the present day, by paying taxes to the governments for centuries and disputed the claims of Telangana leaders that Andhras did not contribute to the development of Hyderabad.

Andhra Maha Sabha was started in the year 1913 which fought against Razakars under the leadership of Ravi Narayana Reddy, he said and added that the Muslims of Krishna and Guntur districts had given shelter to Sabha leaders and provided funds but Telanganites are trying to hurt Telugu people who saved Telangana people from the clutches of the Nizam. Suravaram Pratap Reddy had said that Andhra is the name of Telugu community and Telugu is the language for centuries hence Andhra Pradesh is the correct state of Telugu community, he said.

AP Intellectuals Forum president Chalasani Srinivas said that nearly 2,500 Andhra people sacrificed their lives to save Telanganites from Razakars.

Indian Medical Association secretary, Dr V Sridevi ridiculed Sonia Gandhi saying that like Kaikayi of Ramayana, Sonia Gandhi had decided to bifurcate the state to make Rahul Gandhi the next prime minister.

Government employees, students, advocates, doctors, farmers’ organisations, transport wokers, artists and many social activits attended the meeting.



‘Save AP’ meet calls for non-violent struggle – The New Indian Express.

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