Armenian public should display civil disobedience

A political factor cannot be ruled out in the gas price hike. Member of “We Will Prevent Gas Price Increase” civil initiative Andrias Ghukasian expressed this opinion at a meeting with journalists today.

In his words, the Armenian authorities are implementing a policy of increasing prices and Armenia presently resembles Europe only in terms of prices. He noted that by raising prices, the Armenian government tries to increase budget revenues.

“It was announced that the gas tariff will be set at 156 AMD per cubic meter, that is to say, the price hike process continues. But Armenian society today has matured and can say no to the price increase policy. We must demand that the gas tariff be reduced, rather than raised,” Ghukasian stated.

In his opinion, the Public Services Regulatory Commission of Armenia executes an order.

Former employee of Yerevangaz, member of the civil initiative Silva Adamian said for her part that ArmRosGazprom Company is trying to convince society that it aims to work better, but it is not the case.

“In the past seven years, I have followed actions of that company doing nothing to ensure proper services: gas leaks, low-quality gas pipes, and so on. The statements about expenses do not correspond to reality,” she said.

In the opinion of the civil initiative’s member, it will become possible to achieve a reduction in the gas price if Public Services Regulatory Commission, which is now under political pressure, starts to operate out of political processes.

The members of “We Will Prevent Gas Price Increase” initiative declared that in any circumstances, the Armenian public should display civil disobedience.



Armenian public should display civil disobedience – – Hot news from Armenia.

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