Taiwan environmental activist booted from Malaysia

Taiwan environmental activist booted from Malaysia

A Taiwanese environmental activist has been deported from Malaysia after the Immigration Department refused her entry to the Southeast Asian country, citing her presence would “disrupt public order.”

Immigration chief Alias Ahmad told local newspapers that Kam Chen Yi was not allowed entrance into Malaysia and deported back to Taiwan after an earlier visit to the country had “tarnished” the country’s image locally and internationally.

“Her name is in the list of prohibited immigrants,” he said of the activist.

“When her name appeared on list while her passport being processed, we referred the case to the Travel Controller Officer who issued a no land order against her,” he continued.

Kam was reported to have participated in an anti-Rapid campaign in Pengerang, Johor last July.

Alias said she arrived at the KL International Airport at 2am on Saturday and left on a Taipei-bound Eva Airlines at 3.20pm.

Last month, Australian senator Nick Xenophon was not allowed into the country as his name was on the department’s blacklist as a “prohibited immigrant.”

Activists told Bikyanews.com that this is yet another sign that the Malaysia government wants to silence any criticism from outsiders over the country’s handling of political, social and environmental affairs.

Taiwan environmental activist booted from Malaysia – Bikya News.

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