Egypt’s April 6 movement condemns anti-Brotherhood violence

The revolutionary group condemned the protesters’ use of violence, but also blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for prompting it.

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Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement has condemned the violence that took place at Muslim Brotherhood’s offices across Egypt on Friday.

«The revolution is not about stones, Molotov cocktails or torching offices. Our demand for justice does not mean that we take it by force,» the group said in a statement on its official Facebook page late Friday.

However, the group also said the Muslim Brotherhood prompted the escalation of events.

«You started the violence when you killed protesters at the Ittihadiya [presidential] Palace [last December]. Your president [Mohamed Morsi], your failures, your ignorance and your inability are the reasons behind the [current strife],» the statement said.

Last December, ten people were killed and about 450 injured in clashes between President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters and opponents at the Ittihadeya presidential palace in Cairo’s Heliopolis district.

On Friday, 200 people were injured as anti-Brotherhood protesters clashed with members of the group at the Brotherhood’s headquarters in Moqattam, Cairo, and stormed a number of its offices across the country.

The protests, dubbed «The Friday of Returning Dignity», which quickly descended into violence, were called for by several opposition activists to respond what they described as attacks by Muslim Brotherhood members on protesters at the Moqattam headquarters last week.  

Several opposition parties responded to the call for protest, including the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the Free Egyptians Party and the Constitution, all of which are part of the umbrella opposition group the National Salvation Front (NSF).

Egypt’s April 6 movement condemns anti-Brotherhood violence – Politics – Egypt – Ahram Online.

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