Civil disobedience in Aden – one killed

As southern separatist militants in Aden organized yet another day of civil disobedience in the seaport city of Aden on Saturday morning, barricading streets to bring entire districts to a complete standstill, clashes with the police led to the death of a protesters reported Agence France Presse.
Police officers said they were attacked by separatists when they tried to remove roadblocks.
UPI identified the victim as Hisham al-Nunu.
Eye witnesses alleged the security forces hurled tear canisters at the crowd while using live ammunition to scatter away the crowd.
Moreover, local officials confirmed on Saturday morning that a shoot out on Friday evening between the police and armed militants led to the death of prison guard, while another was injured. The police was transferring a sick prison inmate from his detention center in Mansura to a local hospital when the attack took place.
Since February 21, 2013, Haraki radicals have consistently held general strikes in Aden every Wednesday and Saturday, calling for the formation of an independent southern state. Such actions have often degenerated into violent confrontations with the state security apparatus, creating yet more animosity as some southerners argue they are being repressed.
While many Harakis agreed to call a truce by attending the National Dialogue (NDC) and use dialogue to solve all issues, divisions within the Southern Movement on how to approach and resolve southerners’ ambitions is creating an ever growing rift between leaders.
Former South Yemen President Ali Salem al-Baidh for example who on the wake of 1994 failed attempt for independence fled in exile, is so far insisting on restoring South Yemen political independence and sovereignty before a dialogue can take place with Sana’a central government.


Civil disobedience in Aden – one killed- Yemen Post English Newspaper Online.

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