Egypt: Protesters in Alexandria Declare Civil Disobedience

Thousands of protesters took to the streets on Monday in Alexandria in a march from al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque to the area of Sidi Gaber to commemorate the «Friday of Rage on» which took place on January 28 of 2011. The protesters declared that they will hold a sit-in at the Corniche road and start a civil disobedience.

The protesters chanted «Down Down with the rule of the Guide», referring to the Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, Mohamed Badie, an eye-witness told Aswat Masriya.

They also chanted against the constitution, saying, «The people want to drop the constitution» and against the President saying that his authority is void.

The Security Directorate of Alexandria imposed on Monday a security cordon around its building and the local headquarters of the Municipal People’s Council following an attempt by the protesters to break into these buildings Sunday evening. Egypt: Protesters in Alexandria Declare Civil Disobedience.

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