Egypt: Activists cut hair to protest new constitution

سيدات تشاركن في مظاهرات «جمعة الغضب الثانية» أو «الثورة الثانية» بميدان التحرير، وسط القاهرة، 27 مايو 2011. احتشد عشرات الآلاف من المواطنين في الميدان فيما أُطلق عليه جمعة الغضب الثانية، تأكيدا على مطالب ثورة 25 يناير، وللمطالبة بإجراءات سريعة وحاسمة في محاكمة الرئيس السابق حسني مبارك، ورموز نظامه، وإلغاء المحاكمات العسكرية للمدنيين.

Eight female activists on Tuesday cut some of their hair before reporters’ cameras in Tahrir Square to protest the divisive constitution draft.

The activists made the move while staging a silent vigil free of banners. “Nothing more can be said,” they stated. They announced their rejection of the new constitution and “all forms of  systematic violence and marginalization against women by state institutions.”

The activists also demanded the results of the referendum, scheduled for announcement later on Tuesday, be annulled and its drafting assembly be reformed.

Mona Abdel Rady, one of the activists, said they will continue protesting through different means to defend women’s rights, especially after the enactment of the new constitution which “increases discrimination against women,” as she put it.

An estimated 64 percent of voters supported the constitutional draft in the referendum which ended Saturday.


Activists cut hair to protest new constitution | Egypt Independent.

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