Occupy Marines renews fight to end American human rights dark era


Occupy Marines’ three solutions to end American human rights dark era

The Occupy group calling itself the «World’s Premiere Civil Disobedience Fighting Force,» Occupy Marines has released a crystallized message this week on corruption of the justice system and betrayal of the Constitution by senior officers of all three branches of government culminating in the nation’s most severe human rights abuses in history. Occupy Marines has also offered solutions to rectify the nation’s human rights dark era.

«The OccupyMARINES Press Release, issued in the aftermath of the 2012 NATGAT in Philadelphia, is likely to be remembered as the defining document of our time,» says Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO).

Last week, one year after Occupy was birthed, human rights defenders from across the country road-tripped to 2012 NATGAT, the first Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia for a week of actions culminating in a 99-mile march to Wall Street.

The Occupy Marines press release has caused a stir on Facebook where almost 900 people have given it the thumbs up and over 150 people have commented on it since it was posted on July 8.

«OccupyMARINES are not active duty, we are not active reserve and we limit the scope of participation of those still under inactive individual ready reserve,’ explained the group’s Facebook administrator this week.

«I am honorably discharged and enjoy all the same civil rights as any civilian. My oath never ended to protect and defend the constitution. That goes with me to my grave. The people have grievances, their government is laughing at them and ignoring them… [M]y duty is to defend you, the people.»

In military style, Occupy Marines crystalizes the American human rights problem and remedies with three points in its recent statement:

  1. Repealing the NDAA
  2. Overturning Citizens United
  3. Exposing and indicting the 1%.

‘We have many concerns to correct the course of our ship. We will continue to fight for the oppressed,» Occupy Marines stated this week. «We will stand with the people – the 99%.»

The group stated, «We cannot support a government that is controlled and corrupted by the 1%.»

Occupy Marines launched in October 2011, according to CBS News, and states on its Facebook page that its missions include: «To inspire, organize, and mobilize American citizens against tyranny and oppression;» and «To remove irresponsible leadership from stations violating the citizens he or she have sworn an oath to protect and serve.»

The marines group partners with Occupy Police and became known when it released a video that has received nearly 6.5 million views with Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas of Roosevelt, N.Y. an Iraq War veteran, speaking to police in New York’s Times Square, «charging that they were over-reacting to Occupy marchers – and shaming their uniform.» (CBS)

«‘This is a not a war zone,’ Thomas said. ‘These are unarmed people. It doesn’t make you tough to hurt these people. If you want to go fight, go to Iraq or Afghanistan.

«‘Leave these people alone,’ he yelled. ‘They’re U.S. citizens! U.S.! Stop hurting these people, man. Why are you all doing to it to our people?’

«‘They don’t have guns! It doesn’t make any sense!

«‘How do you sleep at night? There is no honor in this. There is no honor in what you’re doing to these people! …You’re here to protect us!’

«‘We fought for this country, I’m from New York City, and these cops are hurting people I fought to protect.

«‘There’s no honor in hurting unarmed civilians, and I won’t let that happen.'»

(Watch Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas speak in «[Orignal full version] 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops (By. J. handy)» YouTube video embedded on this page.)

OccupyMarines are looking for more good vets, according to Bill Powell on Facebook. «They even accept Army Airborne, Seals, Delta Force, Blue Angels, Green Berets and most other veterans who have the drive and bearing to see this through to the end. Apply by contacting/messaging me on my page. It’s time!»

While some are offended with the name, Occupy Marine Corp, the group spokesperson on Facebook retorts, «We are Marine Corp and other military service Veterans – We support the occupy movement, hence our name.»

«The OccupyMARINES Press Release focuses on three ways that today’s ruling class established its superiority to the law – the defining feature of our time – the Robber Baron Revival Era,» summarizes Dr. Zernik who says Occupy Marines is now a leader of the American Occupy movement.

Zernik is campaigning for Americans to boycott voting in the next U.S. presidential election because voting «only legitimizes the illegitimate.»

Occupy Marines renews fight to end American human rights dark era – National Human Rights | Examiner.com.

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