Already nine people have gone on hunger strike near Ukrainian House


The rally in support of the Ukrainian language is going on near the Ukrainian House in Kyiv.

As reported by the protesters, currently, near the Ukrainian House, nine persons are on hunger strike, in particular, two people have began a hunger strike this morning.

The protesters stay at the stairs to the Ukrainian House. The police officers stay in front of the building, guarding the entrances to the Ukrainian House. In general, there are about 30 protesters near the Ukrainian House.

A paddy wagon is staying not far from the Ukrainian House.

As reported, on July 3, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on national language policy, which caused a wave of protests throughout Ukraine.

The adopted law, which will enter into force upon the signature by the President, allows the use of Russian in the official paperwork in the regions, at least for 10% of the residents speaking this language.

On the same day, the opposition MPs announced the termless hunger-strike against the language law near the Ukrainian House.
The leader of the Front for Changes Party Arseniy Yatseniuk announced holding protest rallies in support of the Ukrainian language throughout Ukraine.

«We have won today,» he said and noted that the refusal of the Parliament’s speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn to sign the law passed by the Parliament is a small, but still the victory of this rally.

On July 7, the protesters gathered near the Ukrainian House said that did not support the yesterday’s statement opposition about the victory and promised to stay there until the abolition of the adopted language law by the Parliament.

The protesters point out that, despite the fact they represent different political forces, they do not want to politicize this issue and require the abolishment of the law.

Already nine people have gone on hunger strike near Ukrainian House – ForUm.

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