March staged to Defense Ministry sit-in

<p>March to Abbasseya</p>

Twenty-five political groups, parties and coalitions announced that they will stage a march Thursday evening from Fatah Mosque to the Defense Ministry to express solidarity with protesters sitting-in there.

The website of the state-run newspaper Al-Ahram quoted Ahmed Imam, a member of the political bureau of the National Front for Freedom and Justice, as saying that the march organized Wednesday succeeded in sending a warning message, and that they decided to stage another march Thursday to support the sit-in and show solidarity with protesters as well as to prevent further attacks by thugs.

The forces that announced their intention to participate in the march included the 25 January Youth Coalition, the Adl Party, the Democratic Front of the April 6 Youth Movement, the Youth for Freedom and Justice Movement, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Wasat Party, the National Front for Democracy and Justice, the Salafi Front, the Union of Revolutionary Youth and others.

March staged to Defense Ministry sit-in | Egypt Independent.

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