Mahatma Gandhi inspired Arab Spring, says Yemeni Nobel laureate Karman

Yemenese Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman said that Mahatma Gandhi has been an inspiration for Arab youth.

«I am proud to be in the country of Mahatma Gandhi, who inspired the peaceful struggle world over and it became Gandhi brand name, Gandhi copyright,» Karman said at the fifth memorial lecture of veteran freedom fighter Babu Jagjivan Ram.

«The program of a non violent struggle for change and reform, I would to inform, I would like convey to spread of Mahatma Gandhi the greetings of the Arab spring youth, who were inspired by his struggle and who are proud of their peaceful revolution which attracted the attention of the whole world,» Karman added.

Karman, 33, an Islamist journalist and rights campaigner, dubbed the «Mother of the Revolution», was an influential figure in the early days of the Yemen’s uprising against Saleh last year, and was briefly imprisoned for her involvement in the protests.

Urging Arab youth to help form the government, Karman said: «I would request all the youth whether they belong to the Islamists or whether they are left or the right, to join my idea, that we will establish the government after free elections.»

Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar applauded Karman for her contribution during the Arab uprising.

«What has impressed me greatly is her unwavering commitment for non violence and for peace. You know we are always talking about what the youth can do, she is an inspiration for that, what youth can do, Kumar said.

Karman was the first Arab woman to receive the prize and also became the youngest Nobel Peace Laureate. Karman is a prominent member of the Yemeni Islamist opposition party, Islah. (ANI)

Mahatma Gandhi inspired Arab Spring, says Yemeni Nobel laureate Karman.

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