Ecuador: The ‘March for Life’ Approaches Quito



The March for Life is approaching the Ecuadorean capital of Quito without major delays. In a previous post the march was near to the Azogues [es], Cañar [es] (where participants discovered and handed over an undercover cop [es] in the march), and Zhud (es) regions. From there they continued on to Alausí and Gamote [es].

In Gamote they joined up with another march [es] coming from the Amazonian regions of Morona Santiago and el Pastaza, made up of people from the Zápara, Shuar and Ashuar ethnic groups who had recently broken [es] their alliances with the government.

The March then continued through the cities of Riobamba [es] and Ambato [es], where they rested [es], arriving in Latacunga on Monday. There they met up with [es] more delegates from the Shuar and Sarayacu communities, all the while surrounded by police surveillance in both vans and helicopters.

There were also billboard advertisements on the route with messages in support of the government [es] and against the protests, in which the marchers were labeled as cowards.

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Ecuador: The ‘March for Life’ Approaches Quito · Global Voices.

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