Activists Send Hundreds of Tacos to Connecticut Mayor

East Haven, Connecticut, Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr. ruffled a lot of feathers this week when he told a reporter that he would address Latinos’ concerns over police discrimination and abuse by «eating tacos.» Maturo has since apologized numerous times, but activists around the country continue to take him to task. Some, like Connecticut’s Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission, have asked for his resignation. Others have gotten a bit more creative with their protest.

Immigrant rights group Reform Immigration for America started a «text-the-mayor-a-taco» campaign, in which they agreed to buy Maturo a taco for every text message they received from irate citizens. The group ended up getting more than 3,000 texts, but they decided to send only 500 tacos, all of which were delivered to Maturo’s office Thursday night. The gesture was mostly symbolic, of course, and 499 of the tacos were donated to a community food bank for East Haven’s needy. One taco was left for the mayor. 



Activists Send Hundreds of Tacos to Connecticut Mayor – News – GOOD.

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