Israel Prevents Thirty Farmers From Entering Their Lands

The Israeli Authorities prevented on Thursday thirty Palestinian farmers from Anin village, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, from entering their lands and orchards isolated behind the Annexation Wall in the area.

Anin Village - Image Palestine Remembered
Anin Village – Image Palestine Remembered

Local sources reported that soldiers stationed at one of the gates of the separation wall, rejected thirty permits granted to the farmers in order to be able to reach their lands. The villagers were trying to harvest their olive orchards.

The villagers voiced an appeal to human rights groups and the Palestinian Authority to intervene, and to pressure Israel into allowing the residents to reach their own orchards and harvest their trees.

To access their land, the villagers must obtain permits, issued by the so-called Civil Administration office run by the army. The permits are rarely granted, and when they are, they limit the time and dates the residents are allowed to cross.

The route of the Israeli Annexation Wall is designed in a way that isolates the residents from their lands, an issue that requires them to apply for special permits.

Israel Prevents Thirty Farmers From Entering Their Lands – International Middle East Media Center.

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