NAACP Banquet Honors Freedom Riders

Fifty years ago they brought civil disobedience to the civil rights movement, and Saturday, they were honored for their bravery.

Nearly a dozen Freedom Riders were honored Saturday night at the 38th Annual Freedom Fund Gala at the Renaissance Hotel.

The celebration was hosted by the Nashville Branch of the NAACP.  Organizers say it’s a chance to educate the public about the struggle for equal rights, and a chance to reflect on one of the most important pieces of American history.

«It’s like yesterday, when we see each other, it’s hugs and kisses. We don’t necessarily talk about it, but we can feel it though each other,» said Dr. John E. Arradondo, NAACP Nashville Branch.

Saturday, the late Justice A. A. Birch, Jr. was also honored posthumously for role as a legal counsel for the students arrested during sit-ins at segregated lunch counters.

NAACP Banquet Honors Freedom Riders – | Nashville News, Weather & Sports.

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