Bahraini Forces Fire on Demonstrators


Reports have emerged that Bahraini security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse anti-government protesters demonstrating for greater rights. According to witnesses, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of predominantly Shi’ite villages around Manama, but no injuries have been reported. Activists have also relayed concerns about scores of military and police personnel who have been arrested and tried in military courts during the unrest for refusing to shoot protesters, sending text messages, attending funerals, protesting, or just for being members of the Shia’a sect.

Last week, thousands of Bahrainis clashed with security forces during the funeral of Ali al-Daihi, father of Wefaq’s deputy secretary general Hussein al-Daihi, who allegedly died after being assaulted by police.

Bahraini Forces Fire on Demonstrators | Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED).

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