1,300 anti-nuke protesters arrested in Germany


The arrival of the nuclear-waste shipment called #Castor at a repository in Gorleben, northern Germany, is expected to be delayed until Monday at the earliest, as protesters have continued to disrupt its transportation. Thousands of protesters managed to occupy train tracks on Saturday night and Sunday holding up the train for 18 hours. Some 1,300 protesters were reportedly detained in Harlingen, on the last stretch en route to the repository, on Sunday morning. In the early hours of Sunday 3,500 protesters had occupied the train tracks in the area.

Since Thursday morning, when the train crossed the border into Germany, returning nuclear waste that had been reprocessed in France, demonstrators have been trying to outwit police forces. Although authorities kept the route secret, thousands of protesters mobilised across Germany to try and intercept the train. Police have been busy clearing the way since Thursday night, which you can read more about here. In this video report protesters are occupying the tracks at Harlingen and are removed by police.

From zoominde

Protesters have been damaging train signals and tracks to try and stop the train. They removed stones from the rail tracks on Saturday, leading to police confiscating gloves. This tweet says: “Detained activists in Harlingen have set light to a toilet. Police is calling for calm – they seem to be negotiating releases.”


1,300 anti-nuke protesters arrested in Germany – storyful.

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