‘People power’ can change system in Armenia



Jirayr Sefilyan

An activist has said that talks between the authorities and opposition Armenian National Congress cannot lead to change in Armenia.

Veteran field commander Jirayr Sefilyan, a member of the Sardarapat movement, described the authorities as an occupying regime, therefore not ready for change.

“Unlike, Ter-Petrosyan’s supporters, we consider the situation as an occupying regime. Had they accepted this evaluation, they would never have gone and sat down to negotiate with them,” Sefilyan said, referring to talks between the Armenian National Congress, which is led by Levon Ter-Petrosyan, and members of the ruling coalition government.

Sefilyan told Tert.am that the only way out was for the Sardarapat movement to change the system. and «given that the regime acts beyond the law, our actions must fully be in line with the law”.

Asked whether it was possible to be victorious against «a force acting outside the law and with great resources at its disposal» by acting within the law, Sefilyan replied: «It is possible when forced by the will of the people. Anyone who commits unlawful acts must be forced to act within the law.»

Sefilyan did not want to give a time frame. «We are in a bloody situation and the sooner this happens, the better. However, we should not be over hasty. We are not seeking adventure. We should prepare properly and only then get down to action: our fight is solely aimed at changing this system. We are no longer ready to accept cosmetic change.»

News.Az – ‘People power’ can change system in Armenia.

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