Afghans hold anti-US demonstration




Afghans chant slogans against Pakistani army during a rally in Jalalabad on Monday.

About 500 demonstrators chanted anti-Pakistan and anti-US slogans and called for an immediate end to attacks on their villages.

Protesters attempted to march towards the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad. However, Afghan security forces intervened to prevent them from reaching the compound.

Tensions are running high between the two neighbors over Pakistan’s alleged bombardment of the eastern provinces of Kunar and Nangarhar.

Afghan sources say over 800 rockets have crossed the border since early June. Kabul says the attacks have killed at least 42 civilians and wounded scores of others.

Afghan officials say the shelling has killed several civilians and injured many others.

President Hamid Karzai has recently demanded that Pakistan’s army chief Ashfaq Kayani stop the attacks.

Pakistan says the rocket strikes are in response to what it calls attacks against its territory from Afghanistan. However, it dismisses the allegations that it is targeting civilians.

Afghanistan blames elements within the Pakistani government for supporting Taliban militants, while Islamabad blames Kabul for giving refuge to militants on its side of the border.


PressTV – Afghans hold anti-US demonstration.

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