Israeli Academics Support «Civil Disobedience»



Tel Aviv – PNN – On Friday June 17, 300 Israeli academics showed their support for an Israeli group calling themselves “Civil Disobedience” by placing their names behind a statement of support in an ad in the Haaretz newspaper.


The academics assert that they support the group in its efforts to bring residents of the West Bank past the green line, often to the see the ocean for the first time.

The statement read: «We, the undersigned women and men, state that we are willing to collaborate with the actions of the «Civil Disobedience» women. In these dark hours, we are willing to drive their guests, Palestinian women and children, to hide them and to support their challenge in any other way, whether in deeds or in words. The action of these women shows the right way for any Israeli citizen who truly supports a democracy respectful of human rights. Should Israel’s legal system find it appropriate to prosecute and penalize these women we shall be willing to support them, to join them and to be tried alongside them.»

It is currently illegal for residents of the West Bank that do not have Israeli citizenship to enter Israel without specific permission from the Israeli army.

According to its website, “Civil Disobedience” does not support the restrictions of movement on those without Israeli citizenship who reside in the West Bank, as the “regulation serves only the occupation, discrimination, theft and dispossession that has taken place in the occupied territories for more than forty years.”

via PNN – Palestine News Network – Israeli Academics Support «Civil Disobedience».

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