Drivers to block Minsk’s Independence Avenue April 14

Fra Charter 97

Information about a protest action against the increase in petrol and diesel prices is spread among Internet users and drivers.

The action, scheduled for April 14, is to take place in Minsk and at least nine Belarusian towns. Two stages of the action will be carried out, “Nasha Niva” newspaper runs.

Drivers plan to hold a flashmob by blocking normal work of a petrol station at 6 pm. Drivers are going to buy just 2 or 3 litres of fuel and pay for it with small denomination notes.

A similar action was already carried out earlier as part of Stop Petrol 1 campaign.

Drivers plan to block the central streets in ten towns at 7:30 pm. For example, Minsk drivers will gather on Independence Square from different streets, turn on warning lights and drive to the National Library at a speed of 30km/h. All lanes expect one for public transport will be blocked.

According to Artsyom Sharkou, the head of the organizing committee to create “For Car” public association, drivers will pass an appeal to the head of state at the end of the action.

Why was April 14 chosen? Why not today or tomorrow? On March 11, after the fuel prices had grown for the first time, drivers sent appeals to Belneftekhim company, Presidential Administration, and Council of Ministers. The initiators wait for an official reply till April 11, and three days later, they start protest actions.

Drivers demand:

1. To stop the growth of retail fuel prices;

2. Belneftekhim to show the public calculation of retail fuel pricing;

3. To seek honest explanation of the previous increase in prices;

4. To deprive Belneftekhim of its exclusive right to regulate the Belarusian fuel sector. This will result in a significant decline in petrol prices;

5. To include a public representative in the Commission for Fuel and energy Complex at the House of Representatives;

6. To form a Public Consultative Council at the Presidium of the Council of Ministers of Belarus. The Council must consist of representatives of public, government, Belneftekhim company, House of Representatives, State Control Committee, and Presidential Administration.

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