Pakistan: Qadri announces August 10 as Yum-e-Shuhada (Day of Martyrs)


Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, Chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) has announced August 10 asYum-e-Shuhada (Day of Martyrs) and said that his followers should come to attend events of this day carrying holy Quran with them. “Incumbent rulers are meting out worse treatment to people of Pakistan than is meted out to animals. There is no democracy in Pakistan”, he added. He directed his followers to attack the houses of policemen if they (policemen) try to raid their homes.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Qadri did not share information for any sit in or protest rally/ procession and asked his followers to wait for August 10, 2014 for further announcement of line of action.

Calling his followers for civil disobedience and directly threatens Punjab Police, he directed his followers to crackdown to police. He have called for a country wide Civil disobedience Campaign from 10th August 2014 onwards

“Blood of martyrs and the injured of Model Town tragedy will not go in vain. Killers will soon go to gallows. Sharif brothers know it well that no power of the world can buy me nor frighten me”, he claimed.

He ensured his followers that federal and provincial government of Punjab will be thrown out by this protest he has planned.

Bring a copy of Holy Quran with you we will see how police can stop people having Holy Quran in their hands.

He said If government of Punjab will try to stop his followers to participate in Yum-e-Shuhada, then there will be Damadam Mast Qaladar (a political phrases used in Pakistan for civil disturbance). He called his followers to fight against Punjab government and police if they are stopped to attend Yum-e-Shuhada.

“Who has to go first? The federal or Punjab government? Sharif brothers should decide themselves. Punjab police should not become a party for sake of Sharif brothers. Police are servants of law, state & Constitution, not of Sharifs”, Qadri maintained.


Qadri announces August 10 as Yum-e-Shuhada (Day of Martyrs).

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