Armenia: Authorities are afraid of civil disobedience, not opposition

“In Armenia the political field is blurred, some oppositionists are seasonal. After being part of the ruling coalition for five years, some suddenly declare that they are opposition,” ex-Foreign Minister, parliamentary deputy Alexander Arzumanyan told journalists today.


According to him, one becomes opposition not ‘by making statements, but thanks to everyday work and a final assessment of the people”. As regards major changes in the country, he pins his hopes on civil society.


“When there is civil society, no one can oppose it, as evidenced by the Arab Spring, Maydan, and the Revolution of Roses. I no longer pin my hopes on political parties. Young fighters are my hope,” Arzumanyan noted.


In his words, like the former authorities, the current ones are afraid of civil movements.

“The police started using more aggressive methods so a conclusion can be made that the authorities are more afraid of civil disobedience than statements of political parties,” Arzumanyan said, noting that is it impossible to achieve success without a complete change of power.





Arzumanyan: Authorities are afraid of civil disobedience, not opposition – – Hot news from Armenia.

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