Time for civil disobedience: DAK

President of Doctors Association of Kashmir (DAK) Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan on Thursday said the killing of a youth in downtown Srinagar was an act of “vendetta against people of Srinagar as they rejected farce elections by boycotting polls.”
“This is the worst example of brutality and barbarism. People in Kashmir by staying away from polls have once again dismissed New Delhi’s illegal occupation,” Dr Nisar said in a statement here.
He said, “Security forces have been given a license to kill and are on a mission of killing spree especially youth in order to sustain their illegal occupation. They are continuing bloodbath in Kashmir to suppress the sentiment. India is carrying out genocide of Kashmiris under well planned policy to continue their illegal control.”
“Kashmiris have to realize that nobody is safe in Kashmir as these serial killings are state-backed. Kashmiris have no other option than to continue their protests against oppression. We have to make sacrifices in order to achieve our goal. We should have a craving for martyrdom to defeat our enemy,” the DAK president said.
“It is time for civil disobedience as it is the most important tool of freedom struggle. The biggest tribute to the martyred youth from employees would be to boycott poll duties which is their obligation towards civil resistance. People should stop paying tax to the oppressors to initiate civil resistance. People instead should contribute to the institution of freedom on regular basis so that victim families are taken care of. The mission of freedom will be accomplished only if freedom movement is institutionalized and civil resistance is started,” Dr Nisar added.




Time for civil disobedience: DAK | Kashmir Reader.

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