Tripoli residents continue civil disobedience against militia presence

Protesters in Tripoli continue their civil disobedience Friday against the presence of militias in the Libyan capital, Xinhua correspondents witnessed.

After Muslims’ Friday prayers, hundreds of protesters marched from Al Quds Mosque in downtown Tripoli to Algeria Square, demanding the eviction of all militias.

On Nov. 15, some 43 demonstrators were killed and more than 460 injured in their clashes with militiamen at the latter’s base in southern Tripoli. They were calling upon the militias to return to their original city of Sirte in the west.

After the bloodshed the Tripoli council and some civil societies called for a general strike to push all the militias out in accordance with a parliament decision.

Sadat Badri, head of the council, has urged local residents not to return to work before the militias have withdrawn, especially not before Sunday when the state of emergency expires as announced by the government.

Meanwhile, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zaidan has advised the citizens to go back to work on Sunday as several armed groups handed over their headquarters and equipment to the state forces in the last four days.



Tripoli residents continue civil disobedience against militia presence – Xinhua |

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