Organization to explore nonviolent revolutions

The Students for Peace and Justice organization will be examining nonviolent revolutions through a Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s work, which has been used in uprisings since 1989.

The event will center on the film, “How to Start a Revolution” by Gene Sharp a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and a panel discussion led by Eastern faculty.


Charles Delman, a mathematics and computer sciences professor, Craig Eckert, department chair for the sociology department, Chris Hanlon, an English professor and Jinhee Lee, a history professor will lead the discussion.


“How to Start a Revolution” will be at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Phipps Lecture Hall of the Physical Science Building.


Ryan Freer, the chairman of Students for Peace and Justice, said the documentary highlights 198 nonviolent weapons


“It follows the story of Dr. Gene Sharp, his book on how to have a non-violent protest and immense influence of it through the past several decades,” Freer said.


The panel discussion will focus on promoting nonviolent methods to bring political change.


Freer said the group is about educating people on events and circumstances in the world.


“We try and teach human rights and what is going on in the world, we try and get students to think,” Freer said.


The Students for Peace and Justice group is based out of the Newman Catholic Center.


The group makes an effort to devote itself to specific causes annually, Freer said.


Last year, the groups focused on guaranteeing the clothing sold at the University Bookstore in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union was made in establishments with suitable working conditions for its employees.


Students for Peace and Justice worked with Worker Rights Consortium, an independent labor rights monitoring organization that focuses on protecting the rights of workers who make apparel and other products.


The group additionally worked with the Fair Labor association and monitoring groups to achieve this cause.


The organization’s largest project is Global Justice Week. This series of events takes place in the spring. Every day during the week, the group focuses on a different topic.


These topics included human trafficking, fair trade, land mine conditions, international campaigns and immigration.


A more recognized event hosted by the Students for Peace and Justice group is the Fair Trade Sale, which will take place in November.


The Students for Peace and Justice Group meets at 8:00 p.m. every Thursday in the Newman Catholic Center.

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Organization to explore nonviolent revolutions – The Daily Eastern News: Campus.

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