Souther Yemeni towns follow calls for civil disobedience

Southern Yemeni states respond to call for civil disobedience, enacted by secessionist groups in the south.


The southern states of Yemen have responded to a call for civil disobedience by former Yemeni Vice President Ali Salim al-Beidh.

Aden was the first to enact the call Wednesday morning, despite heavy security deployment around the city. This was followed by Hadramout and other Yemeni towns.

Residents have been able to close down malls, the city’s administration, and several government buildings, at times facing heavy tear gas.

Yemen’s Southern Mobility Movement (SMM), an umbrella organisation for several secessionist groups in southern Yemen, was chiefly responsible for enacting the call to civil disobedience.

The movement was founded in early 2007 amidst mounting demands to secede from northern Yemen, and return to the partitioned state that existed before the watershed year of reunion in1990.


Souther Yemeni towns follow calls for civil disobedience – Region – World – Ahram Online.

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