Pro Morsi Supporters Announce Civil Disobedience Plan

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A coalition of parties supporting former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and which leads the current Islamist resistance against the ruling military announced today that they will begin a program of civil disobedience.

The Alliance for the Defense of Legitimacy (ADL), led by the radical Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and formed by about 30 groups loyal to former President Morsi, said in a statement today that it will start boycotting the media and Internet websites.

The opposition coalition said that the media is sowing hate and lies and also called to blockade the work of the Egyptian businesspeople societies who fund the ruling military.

The civil disobedience actions will be gradually increased according to the evolution of the countrys situation, said the ADL.

For its part, the provisional government imposed by the Military Junta also started to take new reprisals against the opposition members, including the limitations imposed to a Morsis supporter at Cairo airport on Tuesday.

The meausure, ruled and implemented by the Prosecutor General to activist Abdel Azim consisted in blocking his departure to Brussels, where he was planning to meet with European Union representatives to discuss the current Egyptian crisis, reported MENA news agency.



Prensa Latina News Agency – Pro Morsi Supporters Announce Civil Disobedience Plan.

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