Police arrest Brother Ali for civil disobedience


Musician Brother Ali was among 13 protesters arrested in South Minneapolis last night.

The Current’s Andrea Swensson reports Ali’s act of civil disobedience was part of an ongoing occupation of a foreclosed home in South Minneapolis, and occurred as over 125 people rallied in support of a family fighting against a bank error to keep their home:

It’s not the first time Ali has spoken out about the Occupy Homes movement and shown support for the Cruz family fighting to keep their residence at 4044 Cedar Ave. When Ali was in our studios recently for an interview with Barb Abney, he touched on why this issue has become so important to him.
«When the Occupy movement sparked off, I think a lot of people — myself included — had lost a whole lot of faith in the electoral process and electoral politics,» he said. «And I started realizing that it’s going to take something more on behalf of the people, there’s going to have to be a movement to actually disrupt things, to actually disrupt some of these corporate injustices that are happening to people, to our real neighbors.»

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Police arrest Brother Ali for civil disobedience | State of the Arts | Minnesota Public Radio.

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