South Sudan: Women to Stage Peaceful Demonstration On Panthou Crisis

Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare is organizing to hold a National Women demonstration in support of South Sudan President Salva Kiir on Panthou crisis.

Panthou disputes between Sudan and South Sudan escalated when the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) restored back Panthou on April 10th militarily to South Sudan leading to international calls for South Sudan to withdraw its forces unconditionally.

The national demonstration under the theme: «Call to end hostilities in the two neighboring Countries, Sudan and South Sudan will be held on Monday as a nationwide women peaceful demonstration in support of the President and SPLA on Panthou Conflict.

«We in the Ministry of Gender feel it is important that the voice of Women and Children be heard by the United Nations Secretary General and the President of Security Council regarding the daily killing of children and women including burning and destruction of properties by Sudan» the Ministry said in an invitation extended to The Citizen yesterday.

This will be the first nationwide women demonstration in support of the Government of South Sudan concerning the border conflict and Panthou. Women and children always falls victims of every conflict in both Sudans, aerial bombardment by the Sudan warplanes has been killing innocent women and children. South Sudan: Women to Stage Peaceful Demonstration On Panthou Crisis.

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