Muslim Brotherhood condemns the use of violence by security forces



In a statement Friday, the Muslim Brotherhood condemned violent tactics used by the security forces against protesters Friday, calling on SCAF to prevent further violence.

The Brotherhood also said protesters should not clash with armed forces “whose job it is to secure the Department of Defense building.”

The demands of the Ministry of Defense sit-in are the same set of demands the Brotherhood called for in its weekly “save the revolution” demonstrations in Tahrir square, which came to an end on Friday,  the statement said.

“Those are the same demands of all Egyptian people, who are determined for the presidential elections to be held on time as scheduled, in free, fair and peaceful atmosphere,” it said.

The group also called for the release of media figures and journalists who had been detained throughout the clashes and that those responsible for the violence face speedy and just trials.

Muslim Brotherhood condemns the use of violence by security forces, protesters | Egypt Independent.

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