Cat Power joins Israel boycott

US singer-songwriter Cat Power has cancelled her February 12 gig in Tel Aviv in response to the global ‘boycott, divestment and sanctions’ campaign against Israel.

United States’ singer/songwriter Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) was encouraged by boycott activists to cancel her gig in Tel Aviv, scheduled for February 12. It looks like the pressure worked.

On February 9, Cat Power announced her show had been cancelled, and tweeted: “Music is healing and it is not humane if all cannot have the choice, the right, to attend.”

Her announcement came after she sent out a few tweets asking her fans to “find a show in Ramallah … for the people of Palestine”.

However, it is against the Palestinian-led BDS call to support an artist seeking to mitigate the apartheid policy by “balancing” their performance in Tel Aviv with a performance in the occupied West Bank.

Regardless of her attempt to find a venue, Cat Power ended up canceling her gig in Tel Aviv anyway. Cat Power joins a growing list of artists, musicians and performers who have canceled their appearances for audiences in Israel, and should be commended for her action.

Cat Power joins Israel boycott | Green Left Weekly.

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