Occupy Richmond to host solidarity rally at Kanawha Plaza

Protesters from many «occupations» across the state and country are expected to converge on Richmond Saturday, as Occupy Richmond protesters host their first Solidarity Rally.

A press release sent out by Occupy Richmond protesters describes the event as a celebration of International Human Rights Day, stating, «Together we will work towards bringing awareness to the issues that divide and destroy our communities, environment, and our economy. We wish to invite all members of the public… to enjoy the day and stand with us in solidarity.»

Protesters say the rally will begin at Monroe Park at noon, with a march through Richmond entilted «Taking out the Trash». Demonstrators are expected to march through the city, picking trash up from the streets as they go, with planned stops at Center Stage, City Hall, and Dominion Power. The march is expected to end at the Federal Reserve, an entity the press release details as «the biggest piece of ‘trash’ of them all.



Organizers expect  the rest of the rally to continue in Kanawha Plaza, until sunset.  On Sunday, protesters have planned a «Nonviolent Revolution Training Workshop Day».

Occupy Richmond protesters spent weeks setting up in Kanawha Plaza before Richmond Police raided their encampment, on city orders, in the early morning hours of October 31 and forced them to evacuate. Richmond City leaders say protesters were violating a law that prohibits overnight camping in public parks.

About 10 days later, 150 Occupy Richmond Protesters tried to retake the Plaza, marching through Downtown Richmond’s Monroe Park and Festival Park, trying to  reactivate their occupation, but Police squelched any efforts  for demonstrators to reform their movement on city property.

The «Occupiers» then moved their operation to the front lawn of Richmond Free Press Editor, Ray Boone’s home.  Boone lives next door to Richmond City Mayor, Dwight Jones.

On November 22, The City of Richmond served Boone with a zoning violation, asking him to cease unlawful use of his property- stemming from the demonstrators’ occupation. Boone was given 30 days to comply or appeal the citation to avoid possible criminal charges or other legal action.

The last time CBS 6 spoke to Boone, the Free Press editor told us he may leave the decision up to Occupiers, stating, «I’m not sure whether my guests would want to stay that long. The ball is in the Mayor’s court.»

Occupy Richmond to host solidarity rally at Kanawha Plaza – wtvr.

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