Occupy Solidarity on November 17th

“Resist Empire, Reclaim Our World, Recreate Solidarity»

In an effort to highlight the economic and human devastation that U.S. militarism has caused across the globe for centuries, the WRL national office along with South Asia Solidarity Initiative and a multiracial group of NYC-based activists has created an artistic action for the November 17th National Day of Action organized by labor, community, and Occupy/Dis-Occupy groups throughout the country.

On November 17th, we asking participants to undertake a creative action at their local Occupy, using snapshots of U.S. military actions over the last 60+ years to create a living timeline of the costs of U.S. occupation and war and their connection to what we call «our dollars» and «our streets.» Because we know that the U.S. state and the U.S. economy both rely heavily on local and global military and police efforts to enforce their dominance and to lay claim to those resources that we’re trying to protect and reclaim for the people through movements like Occupy.

You can download the toolkit here to do this antimilitarist action in your town!

You can also check out the video of our last action at Occupy Wall Street to get ideas for how you want engage the members of your community.

While the Occupy movement has so far been doing an amazing job of focusing on the failures of capitalism and corporate control of resources, October 7th, 2011 marked 10 years since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and the start of the «Global War on Terror,» which has been expanded to include Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Given that so many U.S. corporations profit from U.S. militarism at home and abroad and that about half of our tax dollars pay for U.S.-led wars and occupations, the issue of U.S. militarism must be made a crucial part of the growing Occupy movement around the country.

If you are interested in doing this action at the Occupy/Dis-occupy movement in your town, download the toolkit with everything that you need!

If you are planning on doing this action at your local Occupy or if you want to stand in solidarity with these actions that remind the public that U.S. militarism is propping up this system of greed, please RSVP on Facebook.

For more information, contact us at wrl@warresisters.org or 212-228-0450.

Google Mail – Occupy Solidarity on November 17th – johansen.jorgen@googlemail.com.

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