‘Disruption of Tsvangirai rally was well planned’



The MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is publicly blaming ZANU PF for the violence that rocked Chitungwiza on Sunday that forced the party to cancel its rally at Chibuku stadium.

The violence, which was reportedly orchestrated, targeted and well planned by ZANU PF, was sparked when its militia led by the notorious Chipangano attacked the organisers of the rally from the

There is strong suspicion the violence had been well financed as scores of ZANU PF reinforcements were bussed in to Chibuku stadium armed with iron bars, machetes, and stones.

A statement from the MDC said five party vehicles and their public address system worth US$7,000 were destroyed and that key components of the PA system, such as the mixer and microphones, were stolen, in full view of the police.

‘Money meant for paying essential services for the event was looted resulting in the cancellation of the rally. The rowdy thugs stole the national and the Party flags and five banners,’ the statement added.

But on Monday police in the dormitory town arrested two MDC-T youths, Julius Marambakutongwa and Kuda Muchemwa, on allegations that they were behind the disturbances. The two are detained at St Mary’s Police Station.

Tendai Biti, the MDC-T Secretary-General told journalists on Sunday that around 50 of their supporters suffered varying degrees of injuries. He said seven activists had been hospitalised in Harare, while about 15 others were rushed to a Chitungwiza hospital for treatment.

A seething Tsvangirai met Robert Mugabe for one and half hours and discussed the Chitungwiza violence at length at their weekly Monday meeting. The MDC-T leader reportedly told Mugabe not to allow perpetrators of the violence that has erupted in the past month to go scot free as has been the practice with other incidences in the past.

Our correspondent Simon Muchemwa said Tsvangirai told journalists in Harare that his meeting with Mugabe was tense and that before the two met, police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri had briefed Mugabe on what transpired in Chitungwiza.

‘The Prime Minister said Mugabe was given wrong information by Chihuri, most of which were lies and baseless accusations against the MDC-T.’

During his media briefing at his Strathaven home, Tsvangirai laid the blame on Sunday’s disturbances on ZANU PF Youth Minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Chitungwiza councillor Tichaona Chapfika.

It is also believed the MDC-T has in its possession, a dossier of culprits who have incited, mobilised, transported or funded the militia or Chipangano to attack party activists. The list contains cabinet ministers, several MPs and councillors, serving and retired military officers and even church leaders.

MDC-T: ‘Disruption of Tsvangirai rally was well planned’ | SW Radio Africa.

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