Zimbabwe: Police ban youth peace march in Harare


Police in Harare have indicated they have banned all ‘processions’ in and around Harare, after the MDC-T Youth Assembly informed them of their intention to hold a peace march next month.

Promise Mkwananzi, secretary-general of the Youth Assembly, told SW Radio Africa on Wednesday that it’s not yet clear why police denied them permission for the march.

Promise Mkwananzi
‘We phoned the police yesterday (Tuesday) and they informed us they will not allow the march to go ahead as they have banned all processions which are not organised by government ministries or departments,’ Mkwananzi said.

This position was communicated to the MDC-T verbally on the phone by a senior police officer at Harare central police station. Mkwananzi explained that once they receive a letter to that effect they will challenge the unconstitutional position of the police.

‘Once the letter arrives, we will write them back asking when such a law was gazetted. We will certainly go to court because it is quite clear the police acted outside their jurisdiction,’ the former student leader said.

He continued: ‘It’s a clear example of selective application of the law and unbridled suppression of people’s constitutional rights to march. This also violates our freedom of expression and freedom of association.’

The MDC-T said it is unfortunate that police have decide to ban such a march when Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe are urging the youths in Zimbabwe to desist from violent activities.

‘As youths from the MDC-T, we fully support these calls for peace in Zimbabwe but the police have chosen to block us for showing our solidarity with the leaders,’ said Mkwananzi.

While police try to ban the MDC, they have allowed ZANU PF youths to hold their protest rallies and marches, which have on several occasions turned bloody and violent as they looted and assaulted innocent bystanders.


Police ban MDC-T youth peace march in Harare.

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