Anti-war protesters arrested at Queenscliff


TWO protesters were arrested this morning after anti-war activists blocked access to the Swan Island military base near Queenscliff.

About 40 people took part in the protest against Australia’s continuing participation in the US-lead war in Afghanistan.

Co-organiser Jessica Morrison said many activists were prepared to be arrested for the cause.


FIREY: Jess Gannaway protests dressed as the Statue of Liberty at Swan Island’s military base near Queenscliff. Photos: TONY KERRIGAN

“We are fully prepared to be arrested using non-violent civil disobedience,” Ms Morrison said.

«The majority of Australians agree that our troops must come home, but to date our government has been ignoring us. We cannot stand by while Australians and innocent Afghan citizens are killed by our military.»

The Swan Island Peace Convergence started Monday with actions in Melbourne and Queenscliff and will continue with daily events and non-violent civil disobedience until Friday.

via Anti-war protesters arrested at Queenscliff | Geelong, VIC, Australia.

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